About Us
The Tribal Cultural Research & Training Institute, Hyderabad was established in the year 1963.The TCR&TI is part and parcel of Tribal Welfare Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. After the reorganization of the State of Andhra Pradesh, Government have bifurcated the Institute into two separate institutes for Andhra Pradesh and Telagana (G.O.Ms.No. 58, TW. (Ser. III) Dept., Dated: 31-05-2014.

Key functions of TRI:
• The Institute has two wings viz., Research and Training. The Research and Training Wings are complementary to each other.
• To conduct ethnographic studies on tribals of Andhra Pradesh.
• To carryout socio-economic and bench mark surveys.
• To formulate perspective plans for Integrated Tribal Development Agencies and PVTGs.
• To assess the impact of plan programmes in order to know their functional efficacy, implementation process and suggest mid course    corrections or changes in policy and approaches.
• To impart various types of orientation trainings to officials and non-officials engaged in tribal development.
• To organize training programmes to the tribal leaders to create awareness about protection and development of tribes.
• To organize employment oriented training programmes to educated youth belonging to STs.
• To study into the claims of various castes/communities for inclusion in the list of Scheduled Tribes.
• To conduct pre-admission and pre-appointment scrutiny of S.T status claims of students and employees under S.T quota.
• To buildup repositories of data on tribals and tribal welfare and artifacts of the tribes of Andhra Pradesh such as Library,Museum,Data Bank    etc.,
• To ensure implementation of constitutionals safeguards for STs in the state.

Ethnographic Division:
       Built up ethnographic information on various tribal communities of Andhra Pradesh to provide clarifications on issue of community certificates to the genuine Scheduled Tribe candidates.

Tribal Status Verifications Division:
          The Tribal Status Verification division aims to curb the production of bogus community certificates by the non-tribals.
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