Health GOs

The GOs which are related to Health

Year G.O. No. & Date GO Abstract
2017 Go.Ms.No.6
Dated 11.01.2017
HM & Fw - Dr.NTRVST - Scruntinize the medical reimbursement bills through the Dr.NTRVaidyaSeva Trust instead of Director of Medical Education to make more convenient to the Government Employees, Pensioners and their dependent family members - Orders - Issued.
Dated 19.04.2017
Swachh Bharat Mission (G) - Transfer of Swachh Bharat Mission (G) to Swachh Andhra Corporation from Rural Water Supply Sanitation Department for effective implementation of the programme - Orders - Issued.
Dated 14.07.2017
Tribal Welfare Department-Health-"Aadivasi Arogyam"-Posotioning of Health Volunteers, web, Mobile, Applications Through service outsourcing mode in TW Educational Inistitutions and providing special diet and medication to the students identified with anemia -Administration-sanction order-issued.
2015 G.O.Ms.No.16,
Dated 25-02-2015
Tribal Welfare Department – Tribal Sub Plan 2014-15 – Supply of New Born Kits to all the institutional deliveries in the tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh - Orders – Issued
2014 Go.Ms.No.930
Dated 06.11.2014
National Health Mission - SHP - RBSK (Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram) formation of State Advisory Group, District Cluster / Mandal Level Screening Committees - Oders - Issued.
2011 Go.Ms.No.68
Dated 28.03.2011
Pay Revision Commission Recommendation 2009 on Medical Reimbursement - Oders - Issued.
2010 G.O.Ms.No.298,
Dated 22-10-2010
A.P. Medical & Health Services - Filling up of the Staff Nurses and Paramedical Staff in (9) ITDA areas - Amendment - Orders - Issued.
Dated 19-10-2010
A.P. Medical & Health Services - Filling the vacant posts of Staff Nurses and Para-Medical Staff in nine (9) Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) Areas of the State - Orders - Issued.
Dated 01-10-2010
Tribal Welfare Department - Implementation of Mid Day Meals in all Anganwadi Centres and Mava Nate Mava Sade Centres in Tribal Welfare Pre Primary Schools and Organizing health camps in scheduled areas - Orders - Issued.
Dated 26-07-2010
Strengthening the Public Health System in the Tribal Sub Plan Areas of the State - Release of Funds for strengthening the Health Care Services and Effective Control of Infectious Diseases in the ITDA Areas - Orders - Issued.
Dated 13-05-2010
Essential Medicines List - Approved list of Essential Medicines and Additional Medicines - Orders - Issued.
Dated 23-03-2010
Andhra Pradesh Para Medical Services - Appointment of untrained Scheduled Tribe candidates in the vacant posts of Staff Nurses in the Tribal Sub Plan area of A.P. State - Guidelines - Issued.
Dated 03-03-2010
NVBCDP - Recruitment of Laboratory Technicians and Malaria Technical Supervisors (MTS) - Orders - Issued.
Dated 10.11.2010
Jawahar Bala Arogya Raksha - Revitalised School Health Programme - Orders - Issued.
2009 G.O.Ms.No.128,
Dated 19-06-2009
Establishment - NVBDCP - Paramedical Services - 38 Scheduled Tribe candidates who were appointed as Multipurpose Health Assistants (Male) on contract basis in Adilabad District - Regularization of Services - Orders - Issued.
Dated 31-01-2009
Andhra Pradesh Para Medical Services - Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe Backlog vacancies - Minutes of the review meeting held by Principal Secretary to Government, Tribal Welfare Department - Appointment of Staff Nurses with untrained ST candidates and to send them for in service training - Orders - Issued.
2008 G.O.Ms.No.196,
Dated 23-10-2008
Tribal Welfare Department - Appointment to certain posts in Medical, Health Department - Reservation of vacancies within Scheduled Areas in favour of Local Scheduled Tribes - Notification under para 5 of V Schedule to the Constitution of India - Issued.
Dated 24-04-2008
Tribal Welfare Department - Integrated Tribal Development Agency - Model Regulations Governing Service Conditions of Employees of Integrated Tribal Development Agencies - Orders - Issued - Amendment - Issued.
2007 G.O.Rt.No.2,
Dated 02-01-2007
Family Welfare Programme - National Rural Health Mission - RCH-II Project - Construction of Birth Waiting Homes (BWH) in Hospitals in Tribal Areas - Orders - Issued.
Dated 09.04.2007
APIMA Rules, 1972 - Certain amendments to G.O.Ms.No.74, HM & FW (K1) Department, dated: 15-3-2005 - Issued.
2006 Go.Ms.No.180
Dated 11.05.2006
APIMA Rules, 1972 - Scrutiny of Medical Bills relating to MLAs, Ex-MLAs and their family members and officers, staff and retired persons and their dependents of Legislature Department by Director of Medical Education and fallow of Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences / Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences rates, if no Central Government Health Scheme rate are available - Amendment - Orders - Issued.
Dated 15.03.2005
Andra Pradesh Integrated Medical Attendance Rules, 1972 - Recommendations of the Committee for revision of the Rules - accepted - Orders - Issued.