Chittoor District Schools Visit Reports

Hostels/Ashram Schools Visit Reports

S.No District Name Name of the Inspecting Officer Name of the Institution Date & Time of Inspection Details Remarks Photos
1 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor Tirupati Dt: 4-January-2017
Time 4.00 PM
Conducted meeting with the students and explained about the child rights and the protection given by the constitution to the Tribals. NA Photos
2 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor Government boys hostel Chittoor Dt: 30-January-2017
Time 10:30 PM
Rice with veg sambar rasam, and egg is served for dinner. 1. Instructed the maintain All the 26 records without any deviation. 2.instructed to follow the menu with out any deviation. 3.instructed to collect the attendance of the students every month. 4.instucted to the colleges and cross check the attendance of the students. NA Photos
3 Chittoor ATWO East Chittoor Chittoor Dt: 31-January-2017
Time: 01:42 PM
Principal and p.e.t.and other class 4 staff are present. NA Photos
4 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor piler Dt: 7-February-2017
Time: 10:45 PM
Visited Government tribal welfare Residential school piler. The principal,H.w.o. and other class 4 staff along with 75/77students present. NA Photos
5 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor K.v. pally at Pile Dt: 7-February-2017
Time: 10:45 PM
Visited Government tribal welfare Residential school for girls K.v. pally at Piler at 5.p.m. The principal,06 p.t.s and 06 o.s staff along with and 247/272. Students present. NA Photos
6 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor vijalapuram Dt: 16-February-2017
Time:12:00 PM
Visited T.w. A/h.vijalapuram At 12.p.m. the H.m. staff along with 101/105 students are presented. Verified All 26 registers. Instructed the maintain all registers updated. The teachers are following the c.c.e.model of teaching. Which is so effective to the students for learning NA Photos
7 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor madanapally Dt: 21-February-2017
Visited T.w.R.S.madanapally At 12.30. The principal, staff,H.w.o.staff and boarders 100/120. are present. NA Photos
8 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor Chittoor Dt: 22-February-2017
Time:05.30 PM
Today the additional director sir, The Deputy director sir of education along with Ms.Swathy research associate from The Administrative staff college of India made a study tour to Rishyvally school founded by the great Indian philosopher Mr. Jiddu krishnamurthy.near madanapally, Chittoor district, to provide better and useful education to the tribal children in the department. NA Photos
9 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor Chittoor Dt: 23-February-2017
Time:05.07 PM
Visited Rural education centre and discussed about the experimental methods of teaching. NA Photos
10 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor Thamballapally Dt: 28-February-2017
Time:09.17 AM
Visited Government tribal welfare Residential school Thamballapally. the H.w.o. and staff and students 26/41. Are present. NA Photos
11 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor Bangarupalem Dt: 06-March-2017
Time:02.51 PM
Visited Government tribal welfare Residential school Bangarupalem. The principal,H.w.o. and Two teachers along with 41/44 borders are present. NA Photos
12 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor Renigunta Dt: 07-March-2017
Time:07.00 PM
Visited T.w. Residential school of excellence for boys Renigunta at 6.p.m. The principal and other teachers are also participated.439/480 students are present. NA Photos
13 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor madanapally Dt: 23-March-2017
Time:11.45 AM
visited Government tribal welfare Residential school madanapally. The principal, and the H.w.o. , teachers and other staff along with 103/119 students are present. The educational standards of the students are so good.. NA Photos
14 Chittoor ATWO Chittoor Vijalapuram Dt: 27-March-2017
Time:10.05 AM
Visited Government tribal welfare Ashram school Vijalapuram. Two S.a.s, one t.p.t. and one s.g.t.are present. Students 103/ 105 are present. Remidial teaching of 100 days programme is started from today. NA Photos
15 Chittoor T.w Residential Thamballapally Dt: 27-June-2017
Time:12.25 PM
Visited T.w Residential school Thamballapally. At the time of inspection HM and class IV staff and one teaching staff present .Boarders on roll 59..Menu implemented. RO plant already installed and It is Working condition. Registers and stocks verified found correct. NA Photos
16 Chittoor Govt. T.w Vijalapuram Dt: 01-July-2017
Time:01.00 PM
Visited Government tribal welfare Ashram school Vijalapuram at 1.p.m. the h.m.(fac) has gone on c.l. two teachers one C.R.t. 4. Members of class 4 staff , along with 81/87 students are present. Interacted with the students NA Photos