Vizianagaram District Schools Visit Reports

Hostels/Ashram Schools Visit Reports

S.No District Name Name of the Inspecting Officer Name of the Institution Date & Time of Inspection Details Remarks Photos
1 Parvathipuram ATWO Parvathipuram RAVIKONA Dt: 2-January-2017
Time :10:00 AM
Teacher is present. Students 7/12 are present. Academic standards are found average. Teacher is informed to use playway and questioning methods for effective learning. NA Photos
2 Parvathipuram ATWO Parvathipuram RAVIKONA Dt: 2-January-2017
Time 4:58 PM
In Ashram school RAVIKONA regular teachers 3/4, CRTs 5/5 are present. Students 92/105 are present. Medical officer visited on 13-12-16 and HB % test had been done. Below 7 gms 8 students are noticed. Informed HM and Dy Warden to take care of them. No kitchen garden is raised except banana plantation. Sanitary condition is normal. No sick boarders have been found today. Stocks some items have been given, pallipatti , condiments, Cosmetics are not supplied. NA Photos
3 Vzianagaram ATWO Vzianagaram Saluru Dt: 9-February-2017
Time: 10:45 AM
Ming at GPS teachers and deo atwo slr conducted meeting and instructd to improve GPS schools NA Photos
4 Vzianagaram ATWO Vzianagaram Ashram school T.K.Jammu Dt: 22-February-2017
Time:08.30 AM
Last night I have made night halt at remote Ashram school T.K.Jammu. It is girls school. 271/292 are present. HM and HWO , regular teachers 4, CRTS 6 are present. NA Photos
5 Vzianagaram ATWO Vzianagaram Ashram school, Kemisila Dt: 22-March-2017
Time:09.45 AM
Visited Ashram school, Kemisila. HM and CRTs 9/10 are present. Dy.warden is on leave. Boarders 98/104 are found present. Hostel staff 2/2 present . Cleanliness is maintained. Toilets only two are available. New building is under construction six rooms, work stopped. There is need of dormitory. Devices are not working due to network unavailable. Medical check ups are done. NA Photos
6 Vizianagaram T.w Residential Piler Dt: 27-June-2017
Time:12.25 PM
Visited T.w.residential school Piler. The principal, H.w.o. two members of teaching staff, and two members of class 4 workers along with 106/ 111. Students are present. Interacted with the students. Instructed the maintain All the 26 registers required registers update. Much variation is found in stocks also. No sick boarders are found NA Photos
7 Vizianagaram PT manda Manda Dt: 07-July-2017
Time:03.51 PM
Visited PT manda today. HM present all teachers and CRT s present. Menu implemented .No sick boarders. Kitchen garden is available . NA Photos