Visakhapatnam District Schools Visit Reports

Hostels/Ashram Schools Visit Reports

S.No District Name Name of the Inspecting Officer Name of the Institution Date & Time of Inspection Details Remarks Photos
1 Vishakapatnam ATWO Vishakapatnam Lungaparti Dt: 24-February-2017
Time:08.53 AM
Attended to comprehensive school health programme meetong at PHC Lungaparti with MO, Anganwadi teachers,teachers and Asha workers. NA Photos
2 Vishakapatnam ATWO Vishakapatnam Koyyur Dt: 24-February-2017
Time:09.53 AM
Comprehensive School Health Orientation program has been conducted at PHC,K.D.PETA of Koyyuru mandal.5Ashram School Hms,PDs,PETs,AWWs and Aasha workers are attended. NA Photos
3 Visakapattnam ATWO Visakapattnam Marikavalasa Dt: 01-March-2017
Time:03.17 PM
Visited APTRS Boys Marikavalasa .10th students attendended For pre-final study class 78/78. NA Photos
4 Vishakapatnam ATWO Vishakapatnam pedabayalu Dt: 07-March-2017
Time:07.34 PM
Medical team of doctors conducted camp at PHC pedabayalu they have covered all local schools 1 girls pedabayalu 2.CAH school pedabayalu 3KGBV pedabayalu 4.Boy's Aradakota 5.Aprtw boys 6.Z.P boys seethagunta and girls seethagunta. they conducted total op -946.most of the cases traced dental & ENT.some are referred I.e.Aradakota 1 Dental.Boys pedabayalu-1 ENT.kgbv-2ENT..seethagunta 5ENT,1Rumatology,1 Gynic.Bangarumetta 1Gs. Most of the children are willing to take treatment after exams . NA Photos
4 Visakapattnam ATWO Visakapattnam Kgbv pedabayalu Dt: 13-March-2017
Time:11.25 AM
Visited the Kgbv pedabayalu. interacted with ssc students . Some councilling has been given to ssc students. NA Photos
5 Visakapattnam ATWO Visakapattnam GTWAHS (G)-2.M.PUTTU Dt: 17-March-2017
Time:10.25 AM
visited GTWAHS (G)-2.M.PUTTU &made night halt (16.3.2017).Staff 16/16 present. boarders 233/265prese present.38ssc students apperaing public exams.verified records& stocks. NA Photos
6 Vishakaptnam ATWO peddabayalu peddabayalu Dt: 14-April-2017
Time:10.12 AM
Dr B R Ambethkar Photo exhibition at pedabayalu mandal NA Photos
7 Visakhapatnam ATWO pedabayalu Tanuku Dt: 20-June-2017
Time:09.42 PM
I have visited Gtwa school boys Aradakota.staff12/13 present.boarders 122/151.lunch served as per menu.i have instructed the HM improve the strength as per sanctioned.give publicity through paper and personally by teachers. NA Photos