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    Functions and Duties - Director
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Commissioner / Director of Tirbal Welfare
The Commissionerate / Directorate of Tribal welfare was separated from Social Welfare Directorate the Head of the Tribal welfare was designated as Director only in G.O.Ms.No.2877/ 66 Edn Department dated 5.12.1966 and the post of Director of Tribal Welfare was sanctioned. Gradually when the Department was expanded from time to time with full pledged including District Officers with enhanced budgetary provisions in the Commissionerate / Directorate, District Administration etc. The post of a Director has been encadered and senior I.A.S. officers being posted as Director/Commissioner of Tribal Welfare. As per Article 6 of the Appendix-I of the Andhra Pradesh Financial Code Volume- I the department and as per para 19-1-1 of the A.P. Budget Manual the Head of the Department or other officers who submits estimates to Government has been declared as Chief Controlling Officer in respect of Tribal welfare Budget.

The role of played by the Commissioner / Director of Tribal Welfare is that he is the Head of the Department in State level.
He is not only the Head of the Commissionerate / Directorate of Tribal Welfare but also he is the ex-officio Managing Director, Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Tribes Cooperative Finance Corporation and Head of Tribal Cultural research and Training Institute. He is empowered with budgetary control over the Girijan Cooperative Corporation and Chief Engineer Tribal Welfare wings of the Tribal Welfare Department.
He will supervise the proper implementation of all Tribal welfare Schemes in the Department.
» He had disciplinary, budgetary and administrative and administrative control over the gazetted and non-gazetted staff of the Directorate, and also on the district officers staff.
He is the state level-touring officer and he will conduct review of all schemes at district level and also at Commissionerate / Directorate staff (Head quarters) level every month including TRICOR schemes for effective implementation of Tribal Welfare Schemes.
He will attend state level meetings at Government level and also attend co-ordinate meetings with the concerned Head of the Departments concerned with Sub-Plan Funds, as the Commissioner / Director of Tribal Welfare is releasing funds to them.
He is the appointing authority for all the posts of Class IV employees and Junior Assistants in the Commissionerate / Directorate.
He is empowered to give promotion from Junior Assistants level and upto 2nd level Gazetted category.
He is empowered to transfer any employee to any place in the state as per Zonal system.
He will release the budget to all the districts pertaining to all the schemes in the Department and review with expenditure with all the district officers every month including TRICOR schemes.
He is empowered to take disciplinary action against the concerned gazetted and non-gazetted officers working under his control as per the reports received from the district officers concerned.
He will take the responsibility of getting the funds sanctioned from the State Government as well as from the Government of India in respect of Plan, Non-plan and C.S.S. Schemes.
He will play a prominent and responsible role in getting the Foreign Funds sanctioned for the Development of Agriculture, Horticulture, Education and Health Programmes in the Scheduled Areas for the upliftment of Tribes.
He will initiate for the formulation of new schemes and latest technical methods.
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